Discover Jordan's Nature & Cultural Heritage


In addition to the many opportunities for education, exploration, and enrichment, Jordan also boasts great nightlife and entertainment facilities. A delectable cuisine at a wide diversity of ethnic restaurants is perhaps a wonderful way to commence an evening, followed by a visit to one of Amman’s popular pubs or exciting new dance clubs. During your stay in Jordan, you will likely mingle with the Jordanian people, whom you will find friendly, generous, and relaxed in their attitudes and social behavior. For those more inclined towards quiet evenings, however, engage in a private tete-a-tete at one of Amman’s fashionable cafés, preceded by the latest film release at a local movie theater, or maybe a visit to a library for some quiet reading.

Fitness centers, shopping venues, and social clubs are also part of the entertainment “scene” in Jordan, and all are eagerly awaiting your visit.


Jordan has a rapidly developing fine arts scene, including an increasing number of women artists. Today artists from various Arab countries find artistic freedom and inspiration in Jordan. The Jordan Association of Artists will help you coordinate a studio and gallery tour of Amman. And the Royal Cultural Center and various foreign cultural centers often organize exhibitions for foreign and Jordanian artists.


Foreign-language films are shown with the original soundtrack and Arabic subtitles. Times are listed daily in the Jordan Times. Film shows are also often organized by various Cultural Centers.


Jordan is rich in sites of archaeological importance and home to numerous archaeology societies. Many of these, such as the Friends of Archaeology, invite interested visitors to join them for a day (usually Friday) visiting a dig.

Jerash Festival

Held in Jerash in July-August, this festival features folklore dances by local and international groups, ballet, concerts, plays, opera, popular singers, sales of traditional handicrafts and local theatrical plays and poetry competitions... all in the brilliantly floodlit dramatic surroundings of the Jerash ruins. The Jerash Festival is a "must-see" if you’re visiting Jordan at the time, and worth coming for specially.


Most nightclubs feature discotheque, while some have live music on occasion. Many only admit couples.