Discover Jordan's Nature & Cultural Heritage

Desert Castles

As if the wonders of nature are not enough, Jordan’s deserts are dotted with ancient castles, farming estates, forts, hunting lodges and caravanserai. Widely varied in function, architectural style and creative embellishment, most were the domain of Umayyad caliphs and princes in the first half of the 8th century.

Qusayr ‘Amra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Its interior walls and ceilings are covered with lively frescoes from Umayyad times, and surprise the visitor with figurative images of people and animals. The black basalt fort at Azraq, in continuous use since Roman times, was the headquarters of Lawrence of Arabia during the Arab Revolt. Also well worth your while are Qasr al-Hallabat, Hammam as-Sarh, Qasr al-Kharrana and Qasr al-Mushatta. Plan to see them all in a one-or two-day loop from Amman.